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  DJ M&M


Marlon Watson, AKA DJ M&M (affectionately known growing up as Marley Marl) started his journey in djing in 1984 in the comforts of his Raleigh, North Carolina bedroom.  With the funds he raised working as a dishwasher, he saved his money to buy his first set of Gemini Turntables and a Realistic mixer to go along with two house speaks his father gave him.  


Throughout this journey by listening to various local and national pioneer djs, he began his journey rocking various local venues in his hometown from block parties, teen dances and gravitated to his first large gig under the watchful eye of his friend and dj trailblazer DJ Soundmachine.


Thirty years later, M&M still rocks a party mixing a wide variety of music genres that keep the crowds head nodding in excitement.  Although he has transitioned his musical talents to the Atlanta, Georgia area, he continues to rock various venues in the area with his blend of mixing and scratching for diverse music enthusiasts. 




When you hear Doobie Brothers mixed with Young Thug mixed with Luther Vandross, you know immediately that B Samples is not your average DJ.

He uses his musical experience and skills to take you on a journey of blended and bended genre's making a funky gumbo for your ears to taste!

To say B. Samples has a passion for music is an understatement. Over the past 15 years of his professional life, he has been a part of some amazing opportunities. He started DJ’ing around the age of 14 years olds with a set of turntables he borrowed from a neighbor.

What started as youthful participation in a rap group led to a life long career as a Professional DJ, Music Producer, and Sound Engineer where he has had the opportunity to DJ as far away as Tokyo, Japan and produce music tracks for numerous artist..


B. Samples enjoys seeing others enjoy the music he plays and produce. In 2006, he went on to work for Grammy Award winning producer Dallas Austin as Director of the Dallas Austin Foundation who’s mission was to transform the lives of young people by enriching their educational experiences through the use of music and film.




Derrick Utsey AKA DJ Logistical Styles brings over 28 years of DJ expertise to the GO DJ Atlanta team with a wide range of performance clout which includes weddings, private parties, skating rinks, night clubs in addition to winning numerous DJ competitions from around the country.  Logistical Styles has played in some of Atlanta's most iconic nightclubs, venues and comedy clubs throughout the city. In addition, Logistical Styles has extensive corporate client experience which include brands like Mountain Dew, Pepsi, AT&T and Toyota just to name a few. 

Originally from New York, Logistical Styles has mastered the art of mixing various genres of music which include Pop, R&B, Country, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Afrobeats just to name a few.  As a well rounded DJ, he is able to easily play outside of typical music specialties and understands the power of playing the right song at the right time. 




Tim Cowan, aka Dj Liquit, grew up most of his childhood locally in Lawrenceville, Ga.  Tim has always had a passion for music. He started singing in his elementary choir and later became a classically trained violinist. His inspiration for hip-hop came early from his brother who was a rapper in a locally formed Dj group known as M.u.r.d.a.h.O.n.e.. 


Dj Liquit used to tag along with his brother Bambu De Asiatic and the M1 crew when he was in high school. After seeing Mr.Wiggles at a break-dancing event he gained interest in dancing and took that passion all the way through college. 


After his freshman year in college Tim bought his first pair of turntables at Mars Music in Gwinnett (Now Guitar Center). They were a cheap set of Gemini XL-500 turntables purchased as a "DJ in a box" which also came with a cheap gemini mixer and computer size speakers.  At first there was no real interest in DJing parties or events until he was asked to DJ at a school function. Once he saw the reaction and response from the crowd he was hooked. 


Tim took his knowledge from classical music and applied it to DJing. He uses that knowledge now to help with transitions and setting the mood through his musical selections.  Dj Liquit uses his diverse knowledge of music to help engage the crowd and keep the dance floor full. 

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